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By robcox, Sep 5 2017 02:24PM


The sun shone down on the grid as the drivers lined up for the first of two 15 minute races around the fast 3.79km ex RAF airfield. Simon Walton started on pole position along side series points leader Paul Taylor in second with son Owen Walton close behind for company starting in third.

The lights flashed off and the field darted towards turn one, an even start for most saw no real gains off the line baring Kenan Dole who rocket up the inside of Taylor entering the complex in second.

In B class Martyn Culley began pulling a gap from his fellow competitors seeing a hefty 3 second margin back to Christie Doran by the end of the first rotation. As the cars appeared exiting the final chicane the TT of Owen Walton pulled to the inside of Taylor snatching third position into turn one before Taylor re-payed the favour around the fast back section of the circuit.

Up front Simon put his head down and began to create a gap back to the Golf of Dole setting the fastest lap of the race in the process, but wasn’t to hold the honours long as teammate and son Owen went quicker a lap later.

The procession raced round as gaps began to form in-between cars, Ben Wallace shot off the track with a puncture before rejoining and continuing around. Suddenly the tyre of the 88 exploded leaving debris all over the circuit prompting for a red flag, bringing an premature end to the race.

Simon Walton claimed the win from Kenan Dole in second with Paul Taylor retaining his 100% podium ratio this season in third. Fourth place went to the second of the TT’s being followed across the line by Team Hard's Callum Jenkins.

The class B win was sealed by Goblin Racing's Martyn Culley taking his eighth win of the season, with Slidesport's Christie Doran coming across the line to take second position from Barrie Culley in third.


The sun lowered in the sky as the cars lined up for the for the second race of the day at Thruxton. Stephen Johansen’s Polo had an issue with one of it's wheels on the warm up lap prompting a delayed start with his car needing recovering. After a second green flag lap, the cars took up their grid positions once more, before the lighting gantry lit up red.

Lights off and 15 minutes of close VAG racing commenced with Kenan Dole getting a rocket start from sixth position on the grid. As the cars disappeared into the complex Paul Taylor was seen rotating a complete turn and rejoining only loosing one position.

Picking up speed Dole continued his charge, overtaking Jenkins on the inside of Goodwood before setting his sight on the JWB Golf of Wilson ahead. Wilson took to the outside of leader Fletcher into the braking zone of club, leaving a gap on the inside which was quickly filled by the fast charging Dole.

Recovering from his spin, Taylor began his charge forward, diving up the inside of Jenkins at Club displacing the Team Hard youngster to fifth position, before latching onto the rear bumper of Wilson ahead.

Seemingly liking his chances at Club, Taylor a lap later took to the outside of Wilson under braking, and as the outside became the inside he was past but wasn’t finished. A further rotation of the circuit saw Dole next on the hit list. Getting a good exiting from Club, Taylor took to the inside of Allad easing past into second place.

Wasting no time the Champion elect, Taylor lined up a move into Club on Maximum Motorsport’s Brayden Fletcher in the lead, making an identical move around the outside to take the position. Fletcher latched on to the rear of Taylor ahead as they raced on.

Martyn Culley led the way for class B with Christie Doran defending hard from Goblin Racing’s Barrie Culley in third a few seconds back. Back up the front in class A, Dole defended hard from the pair of TT’s as they edged past exiting Church.

The gaggle of cars entered the next lap nose to tail as Wallace and Jenkins came together exiting Allard spiking them both onto the grass as vast speed. Heading back towards the track out of control the pair connected with both TT’s ending the race for the four of them.

Red flags flew finishing the race with three minutes remaining on the clock, seeing Paul Taylor take the win and the championship with one round to spare after an impressive drive from the third row of the grid.

Maximum Motorsport’s Brayden Fletcher took second place and a maiden podium in the series with Kenan Dole snatching the final podium place. Class B honours were once again claimed by Martyn Culley as he too completed his championship campaign. Slidesport’s Christie Doran claimed second position with Barrie Culley finishing third.

We would like to congratulate Paul Taylor on his extraordinary championship win, never off the podium from the first race of the season, superb drive! We'd also like to congratulate Martyn Culley on his dominate Class win never finishing a race lower than second place.

By robcox, Aug 22 2017 07:33PM


A bright and sunny start to the day saw the VAG machinery take to the circuit for their early morning qualifying session. Kenan Dole opened the proceedings, throwing down the bar for the other A class competitors, only to be matched by series points leader Paul Taylor, with the pair separated by less than a tenth. Martyn Culley maintaining his dominate performance in B class set the pace early placing himself amongst the class A runners before further improvement.

Next to jump up the timing sheet was Slidesport’s Matthew Wilson impressively slotting into provisional fourth position before the cars flashed passed the lighting gantry once more.

Dole improves his provisional pole only to be quickly displaced by the Audi TT of Simon Walton breaking into the 52’s. A late time from Team Hard’s Ben Wallace places him second pushing Dole further down the order.

As the class A cars improved the B’s accumulated at the bottom of the timing screen, Goblin Racing’s Martyn Culley continued to lead the proceedings with Richard Morgan close behind in second.

With the clock ticking down fast, the white Golf of Paul Taylor broke the timing beam once more snatching the fastest lap and provisional pole of Simon Walton who didn’t improve to place second on the grid for race one.

Team Hard’s Ben Wallace also not improving had done enough to secure third on the grid with Kenan Dole close behind in fourth. Martyn Culley collected his third class pole position out of four events with Richard Morgan close behind claiming the second fastest time in class. Barrie Culley completed the top three in class.


The cars lined up on the grid for the first race of the day with the clouds looming large overhead. Paul Taylor took to the pole position grid slot and awaited for the grid to rolling into place behind him.

The red lights flashed off and the field took off towards the Paddock Hill bend, Dole making a good getaway found himself up into second place after displacing Simon Walton into turn one.

Teammate Wallace not having the same fortune as Dole got a sluggish start and found a stream of cars past him demoting him to sixth after the first lap. Richard Morgan raced off the start quickly gaining class lead but was only able to hold it for one lap being after being displaced by Martyn Culley on lap two.

Making the most of the field grouping up, Brayden Flecther gained three places from seventh on the grid as spots of rain began to fall. Ben Wallace began amending his poor start by making a move on JWB’s Paul Dehadray into turn one, demoting the Scirocco pilot to sixth place heading into Druids.

Next on the radar for Wallace was Maximum Motorsport’s Brayden Fletcher who was passed up the inside of Graham Hill bend before Wallace went onto to set the fastest lap of the race so far.

Further up the order Kenan Dole had began applying the pressure on leader Paul Taylor seemingly now close enough to make a move for position as they raced on. Four laps completed and the yellow flags flew, a move up the inside of clearways saw contact between Kyle Owen-Bradshaw and Tim Docker resulting with them both beached in the gravel.

A further four laps were completed under safety car conditions before the field were released racing once more. Simon Walton took no time to get back up to speed by setting the fastest lap of the race but was quickly displaced of the honours by a fast charging Ben Wallace who was now looking feisty closing in behind the TT.

As the leaders broke the timing beam once more Wallace forced Walton to defend entering Paddock Hill allowing Ben to cut to the inside and take the position entering druids.

The Class B battle came alive once more in the dying moments of the race seeing Richard Morgan close in on the rear bumper of Culley but unfortunately ran out of laps in the process of trying to make a move.

The chequered dropped on Paul Taylor claiming his fourth win of the season after being chased across the line by teammate Kenan Dole who had to settle for second. Third place made it a trio of Team Hard cars on the podium with Ben Wallace securing the position after a late move on Walton. Class B honours were once again were conquered by Goblin Racing’s Martyn Culley after a race long battle with second place finisher Richard Morgan. Barrie Culley secured his 7th podium of the season finishing the race third position.


Rain clouds loomed overhead as Paul Dehadray lined up on pole position for the second race of the day. Brayden Flecther also sat on the front row of the grid with the Audi TT of Simon Walton sitting close behind ready for the reverse grid race.

The lights went out with a flash and the field raced towards paddock hill bend, Simon Walton making a strong start took to the outside of Paddock making the most of a wheel spinning Brayden Fletcher as he struggled to getaway from the line. Dole and Taylor followed Walton through after his strong start seeing Walton storm into the lead and Dole and Taylor in second and third exiting druids. Tim Docker took to the escape road exiting Graham hill bend returning to the pits with mechanical problems after starting the race from rear of the grid.

The field completed the first rotation of the small 1.2 mile circuit with Walton leading the way with a second and a half margin to Dole. Taylor looking quick, closes Dole in and passes for second place up into druids allowing Slidesport’s Simon Walton to edge further into the lead. In Class B Martyn Culley led the way with Richard Morgan a few seconds back separated by Class A drivers placed between them.

As one lap ended another began, Ben Wallace took to the inside down the start finish straight prompting Dole to defend into Paddock, before taking to the outside under braking to displace his teammate heading towards Druids with the undercut. Racing on Wallace completed the lap setting a new fastest rotation of the indy circuit so far this race as Walton led the field out of Paddock Hill for the Fourth time.

Slowing down and dropping positions Wallace took to the pits at the end of the next lap with mechanical issues seeing Dole being promoted back to third with Dehadray a few seconds down the road being chased by Maximum Motorsport’s Brayden Fletcher in fifth. The laps ticked down with little change at the front, eyes focused to mid-pack where Matthew Wilson began closing in on Matthew Evans heading onto the penultimate lap. Wilson darting to the inside committed to the overtake as Evans took a wide line into Paddock conceding the position.

The chequered flag was ready and dropped on Simon Walton who flashed across the line with a healthy 3 second margin back to second place finisher Paul Taylor, who had extending his championship lead taking a good haul of points. Kenan Dole completed the Class A top three runners with Dehadray and Brayden finishing fourth and fifth. Class B win was yet again awarded to Goblin Racing’s Martyn Culley taking the win by a narrow margin over Richard Morgan in second. Barrie Culley once again completed the podium keeping up his 100 percent podium ratio so far this season.

By robcox, Aug 7 2017 07:17PM


A dark overcast sky greeted the 22 VAG pilots as they took the track for their 15 minute dash qualifying session. The cars began gaining heat into their tyres the proceeding were brought to an early slow as the safety car was scrabbled, with the JWB scirocco of Matthew Evans stranded in the gravel on the exit of Surtees.

The safety car period ended promptly as it took to the pits releasing the cars raced around to set their first flyers of the session with the time remaining. Dole shot to the top of the screen after the first rotation of the 2.61 mile circuit, with Martyn Culley leading the proceedings in Class B. Championship protagonists Wallace and Taylor soon took to the top of the timings separated by a mere tenth with Paul slightly having the edge so far over car number 88.

But the session took another blow as the red Golf of Doran spiked into gravel at the dip of Paddock hill bend, bringing out double waved yellows to the entry of the corner. Dole improved to briefly top the session before being displaced by Wallace, breaking earlier into the earlier 1.39s. A late entry into the top trio of times went the TT of Simon Walton breaking the Team Hard lockout at the top.

With no futher place improvements in places, Wallace went on to take the pole position from teammate Dole in second and Simon Walton completing the top three. Paul Ivens and Stephen Johansen coming across from the Volkswagen Cup took the next two places on the line up.

Martyn Culley was not to be dethroned of his previous success by claiming class pole from Richard Morgan in second, and Christie Doran lining up third despite ending the session in the gravel. Post qualifying the pole car of Ben Wallace was put to the back of the grid due to technical infringement in parc ferme, promoting team mate Kenan Dole to his maiden 2017 pole position.


The weather for race one threw a spin on proceedings with heavy rain minutes before the scheduled start of the race, changing the conditions from qualifying. As the drivers lined up the sun started to shine, and the lights went out on race one, seeing the field get a good start shooting into Paddock.

Pole starter Dole wide exiting Paddock jutted sideways, correcting the car sent it into a fish tail up towards druids. Entering druids backwards Dole began pointing the correct direction and began collecting the slide, collided with Simon Walton as Paul Taylor ducked up the inside to take the lead, the field bunch up behind as cars dart in all angles to avoid the slowing cars.

Both Dole and Walton exiting Druids departed the circuit to marshal posts with damage, retiring from the race. The safety car took to the track collecting the field after they raced to the boards, Maximum Motorsports’ Brayden Flecther making the most of the action ahead found himself in second place behind championship leader Paul Taylor. There also had been a change of place for the lead of class B with Richard Morgan following the field in procession leading the way in the B’s.

The safety car peeled into the pits releasing the pack as we went racing once more. Stephan Johansen placing third made the most of the restart by closing in behind Fletcher to take to the outside for druids, attempting to go the long way around to claim second place. The cars streamed behind entering Paddock again at full speed once more. Docker lost the rear end and slid quickly down Paddock before rolling backwards into the gravel and getting stranded.

Moments later the field were greeted by a second appearance of the safety car to retrieve the white scirocco of Docker. Another brief outing for the pace vehicle resumed the field racing once more. A change of third place saw Team Hard rookie Kyle Owen-Bradsaw sneak up the inside of Fletcher for the final spot on the podium before proceedings were brought to a third slow with Class B leader Richard Morgan stuck in the gravel at the infamous Paddock hill bend.

Owen Walton also took to the gravel on the outside of druids a few foot from the fence, meaning the field finished under safety car condtions, seeing Paul Taylor claim the win, Speedworks Johansen crossed the line second closely followed by Kyle Owen-Bradshaw in third. Class B honours were inherited by Martyn Culley, with Father Barrie in his new Seat Leon machinery snatching second. Christie Doran recovering from her Qualifying off completed the top three in class.


The reverse grid draw drew out the grid for race two, seeing the top ten reversed placing Class B points leader Martyn Culley on pole, not wishing to start on pole, Culley took to the rear of the grid with Russell Joyce lining up on the now front row of the grid in second. Mixed conditions saw mixed tyres through-out the grid, as the field slid off the line and into turn one.

Paul Taylor getting a lightning start began charging through the field, seeing the number 1 car up to third exiting Graham hill bend pulling in close behind the Passat of Graham Ewing sitting in second. The leaders appeared back into sight off the GP loop with Joyce leading from Taylor with Ewing very close behind in third. Breaking the timing beam Taylor closed in for the lead making a lunge on the inside of paddock, Joyce taking to the outside demoted him down to third with Ewing following Taylor through the inside.

As the cars entered their third rotation Martyn Culley had already made his way into the lead of class B having started from the rear of the grid. Joyce slowed with a mechanical issues before pitting in and dropping a lap behind the lead. Kyle Owen-Bradshaw inherited third while closely being chased by teammate Callum Jenkins who was doing well sitting in fourth. A lap later Jenkins ran wide and shot across the gravel exiting Sheene Curve digging in becoming stranded.

Third place sitter Kyle Owen-Bradshaw slowed with steam pouring out the bonnet, with Ben Wallace inheriting third after an impressive charge through the field from the back of the grid benefiting from a good tyre choice on the tricky conditions. Taylor lead the field across the line once more with a large gap back to second place runner Ewing who had now received a 10 second penalty for jumping the start which will be added to the times at the chequered flag.

The chequered dropped on race two with Paul Taylor claiming his second win of the day extending his championship lead over teammate Ben Wallace who’s impressive drive earned him second place after Graham Ewing was demoted to third with his time penalty post race. Class B honours were once again seized by Martyn Culley also extending his lead in class, with Richard Morgan crossing the line in second. Third in class was Goblin Racing’s Barrie Culley who finished the podium.

By robcox, Apr 29 2017 05:33PM

Clouds filled the sky as Matthew Wilson lined up on pole position for race two with Team Hard new comer Chris Milford for company alongside. Lights out, and the grid darted into turn one, a fantastic start by Paul Taylor saw him trailing the leading car of Chris Milford into the Deene hairpin. Milford missed his braking running wide off the track almost colliding with the tyres on the outside of the corner. A fast charging Tim Docker having started the race from sixteenth had made an impressive eight places before the end of lap one.

Taylor led with Dole close behind entering the second lap, Ben Wallace was lingering not far behind in third setting the fastest opening lap. Nick Beaumont close behind Ben sitting in fourth position had series new comer Kyle Owen-Bradshaw behind who had also made a terrific start gaining three positions.

Heading onto lap four Wallace was looking fast out of the chicane, cutting to the inside along the straight car 88 was able to pull past Dole into the banked first corner snatching second place before quickly getting on terms with leader Paul Taylor. The top three bunch together, Dole not settling for third position took a wide line into Tarzan getting alongside Wallace, who in turn pressured Taylor heading to the Brooke Chicane. A small lock up from Taylor saw him dart to the grass, backing up Wallace in the process. Dole capitalising on the situation undercut them both to take the lead onto the straight, with Wallace managing to recover his second position.

The battle was far from over as a lap later saw Wallace try a move around the outside of Dole for the race lead, but not having the run to pull it off. Dole led the field onto lap 9, the top three all brawling for the podium positions. Taylor closing in saw Wallace take to the grass in a similar fashion to car 1 a few laps prior, demoting him to fourth. The time ticked down as the cars enter the final lap. Wallace began applying pressure to the back end of Beaumont, forcing Nick to defend into the Chicane.

Coming onto the straight Wallace used the momentum to pull alongside edging across the line by a nose to claim the final step on the podium. The chequered dropped with Kenan Dole taking the victory and Paul Taylor sealing the deal in second place. Martyn Culley had a faultless race bringing home his second Class win of the Day.

“Everyone was struggling for grip out there, I knew that if I let the front two fight, and didn’t use up my tyres, that later on in the race I could attack. Taylor ran wide and I was able to pounce and snatch the lead, I defended hard from Ben behind but just did enough to secure the win, I must say a huge thank you to Team Hard, the car ran faultlessly” Commented Class A race winner Kenan Dole.

“It was a relatively easy race, I got a cracking start, pulled a gap from my Dad, allowed the Class A cars go and just cruised, I didn’t need to push and just maintained the gap and brought it home. Its been a prefect weekend for us with two first and second finishes for Goblin Racing” Commented Class B winner Martyn Culley

By robcox, Apr 29 2017 03:29PM

The sun broke through the clouds to greet the drivers lining up on the grid ready for the inaugural race of the 2017 season. The lights went out and two blinding starts saw a duo of Audi TT’s lead the way heading towards the Deene hairpin. Dole manged to get up the inside of Owen Walton before jumping onto the brakes, locking up and making contact with the leading Audi of Simon Walton who in turn spun round colliding with Owen. Unfortunately, both Audi’s had substantial race ending damage, taking a slow lap back to the pits before retiring.

The dust settled and Paul Taylor emerged in the lead with new comer to the series Brayden Fletcher following in second heading into Yentwood. Cold rear tyres threw Fletcher into a spin with a recovering Dole darting to grass in avoidance. The Class B battle saw Chrisite Doran leading the way in sixth overall before being ran onto the grass and demoted into second with Martyn Culley taking the lead exiting the Deene hairpin.

The cars flashed past the lighting gantry and onto the second lap, a trio of Team Hard cars began squabbling for the final position on the podium with Ben Wallace leading the charge. Pulling away from the trio, Wallace began applying pressure on JWB’s Nick Beaumont before snatching the position on lap 4 into the brook chicane.

Taylor still out in front, managed to pull a three second gap back to Wallace who set the fastest lap of the race charge last year’s champion down. Christie Doran began closing in on Martyn Culley for Class B position further down the order. Taylor led the field onto the lap 7 with Wallace now close enough to attempt a move. Closing in, the Team Hard driver dove to the outside of Taylor at Tarzan attempting to get a run along school straight but was unsuccessful.

Doran ran wide out of turn one and collided with the wall, coming to a stop before the Deene hairpin causing a race ending red flag. Due to this the results go back one lap seeing Paul Taylor take the victory, closely followed by Volkswagen Cup racer Ben Wallace in second. Third was JWB team owner Nick Beaumont concluding the top three. Class B saw Martyn Culley take first place honours with his team mate and father Barrie Culley finishing second place, Tony taylor completes the top three line up in class


“I’m delighted with the win, I was able to capitalise the incident into the dean hairpin and pull a gap and kept my nose clean. I saw that Wallace was charging fast from behind, if it hadn’t of been red flagged it would have been tight at the end” commented Class A victor Paul Taylor.

“It was an absolutely chaotic start after all the incidents at the hairpin, I latched onto the back of Christie and started applying pressure. A lap later she was ran wide exiting deene and I was able to get past and pull a gap. Class A cars got in-between us but I kept an eye on her in my mirrors to take the win” commented Class B winner Martyn Culley.